Thursday, February 16, 2017

9.Jason Bourne

This film is an action thriller. It is literally a thriller from start to finish. This movie is a part of franchise called Jason Bourne film series.

Information about Jason Bourne

This film is directed and written by Paul Greengrass and film editor Christopher Rouse. The cast of the movie includes Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel, Riz Ahmed, Ato Essandoh and Scott Shepherd. The film was released in the United States on July 29, 2016, by Universal Pictures.


Now let’s talk about the first trailer of the movie. The first trailer was released in back April 2016. In begging of the trailer, we see Jason punching a guy. Then we see some action scenes of Jason. Then he says I remember everything. Julia says it doesn’t mean you know everything. We see a man who’s saying we just got hacked. Then we see CIA wallpaper on computer screen. 

We see Jason on CCTV camera, and then we see protesters in front of parliament. Jason is riding a cop motorcycle. Then we can see a swat car. And lot of fighting scenes. In the end of the trailer, director tells him, you are not going to find any peace. And the trailer of the film ends, Jason punching some guy in the face. 

The Story and Review of Jason Bourne

Let’s talk about the story of the movie. Movie begins with Jason having flashbacks. In the flashbacks he is killing some people. Then he wakes up in a van. He is near a country border. He takes off his shirt and starts fighting. People are seeing gambling. He knocked out the other guy in a punch. Then we see a woman walking into hi-tech underground supercomputer facility. She plugs in her laptop and starts accessing agency files.  Then she finds a folder name black ops and starts coping into USB. Then Agency notices the breach and get on to it.  She opens the files and finds that David Webb is the father of Jason Bourne. And, some other information. 

Meanwhile, agency cuts down the power of facility. The women escape the facility. Heather finds the hacker name Nicky and gives briefing to director and other officers. Heather says she wants in this case. Nicky finds the Jason in a fighting club and left him a note to meet at a place. Both meet at a protest site. Agency finds them using CCTV. An asset, also trying to reach to the site. Nicky tells Jason that she found some files on him. He needs to see them. But both find that they have been made by agency. So Jason says to Nicky to meet at statue of Athena. 

Jason and Nicky tries to escape the agents on a motorcycle. But an asset shot them on the road. He kills the Nicky. Nicky left a key to Jason. Jason escapes. Jason collects a USB drive from locker using key. He goes to Berlin and asks a hacker to open it. He finds the files and starting checking them. Jason finds information about his father and him being under surveillance. He also gets flashbacks about his father. His father died in a car bomb. So Heather secretly sends a message to Jason that in minutes’ teams are approaching. So Jason escapes. 

A man name Aron runs a Dream company who provides a platform to run apps. He has 1.5 billion users. He was working with the agency to stop threats. So director wants to make a deal with his new platform. But as agency got hacked, Aron doesn’t want to work with agency anymore. So director left but also says that you will be accountable for everything he has done. Now Jason calls a man and asks him to meet him. This man knows about his father and Treadstone operation. So he meets this man and he tells Jason everything. An associate of Aron tells director that Aron will be announcing something big in VEGAS. So director tells his Asset to take Aron out. 

Heather tells Jason about VEGAS. So now everyone arrives in VEGAS. So the Asset tries to kill Aron and Heather but Jason stops it. Lots of action happens. Director also gets killed by Heather. And finally Jason kills the asset. This is the same asset who has killed Jason’s dad. So he gets revenge. Heather gives a star medal to Jason in park and requests him to come back. Jason says he will think about it. The end.

Final Thoughts

This movie is good to watch. Nice action in the movie. But we can’t ignore its previous movie series which were also amazing. I can say that it’s a good movie to watch.


  1. This was the only one of the series that I didn't really enjoy. I don't know exactly why because it had the action of the others.

    1. i think this movie was good. may not be best but it was watchable. i enjoyed it. thanks for your comment