Monday, July 24, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

 Review of The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

Just want to start by saying that this movie is just on another level. This is full action packed animated thriller comedy. The graphics are amazing and the way everything is carried out in the movie is out of this world. When we see the title of the movie, in our minds we think of it as a kid’s movie. But this is not the case here. Even an adult can enjoy this movie and have fun. As we can see from the title, this movie is based on the Batman. We see a real world of Batman and how he lives his life after saving the day. Story is interesting and I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s talk about the movie. The movie starts when we see two pilots flying an airplane loaded with full of explosives. They are passing above the Gotham city. Suddenly a helicopter lands on the top of plane and some guys breaks into the plane. Who do we find it to be? It’s the Joker! He hijacks the plane full of explosives. We also see every villain of Batman like Bane, Riddler and Twoface etc. destroying the city. There is no sign of Batman and commissioner Gordon is on the move. He is directing every cop to take a position and capture the villains. Joker wants the mayor of the city to surrender to him. So mayor reaches the Joker and decided to surrender.

But we get a surprise. Its Batman! Yeah. So Batman starts fighting all the villains and a song starts playing. I love the song. So Joker says that I am your greatest enemy. Batman replies no you are not. Basically, Joker wants attention of Batman. But Batman says he is just another villain for him, nothing special. So Joker gets angry and tries to escape. Batman has two choices: either save the city or capture the Joker. So Batman diffuses the bomb and saves the city.

Batman returns to his Bat Cave. On his way, computer asks for the password. Can you guys guess the password? Its ‘Ironman sucks’. LOL. So he returns home. We see a giant mansion with no humans except Alfred. Batman cooks his dinner and watches a movie all alone. He stares at his family photo for a while. So we find out that despite being center of attention in the city, he is actually lonely. He gets invited to a function. Barbara Gordon is becoming new commissioner of Gotham. He meets an orphan named Dick. Dick wants Bruce to adopt him. So he asks him about the characteristics for a boy Bruce wants to adopt. But Bruce is too busy looking at Barbara, he unknowingly adopts Dick.

Out of nowhere, Joker and his villains squad arrives at the ceremony. Surprise again, Joker surrenders himself and all of his buddy villains. So now there is nothing for Batman to do anymore. Batman goes home and Alfred suggests him to take care of Dick who he has adopted unknowingly. Batman says no but Alfred accidentally opens the door to Bat Cave and Dick gets in. He gets really excited seeing Batman and all the stuff. Batman wants to send Joker and all the villains to the Phantom Zone. For this he needs Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector and it is located at the Fortress of Solitude. Batman decides to steal it but he is too big for the job. So he takes Dick and reach at the location and guides him to steal it. So he returns to the prison and sends Joker to the Phantom Zone. But Barbara arrests him and Dick for his action. As Joker reaches Phantom Zone, he gathers all the villains in there and asks them to join him. Everyone agrees and Harley Quin steals the Phantom Zone from police and reverse the process.

Now it’s chaos everywhere. Every villain from Phantom Zone has come to Gotham city. They take over the city and also the mansion of Bruce. Batman joins hand with the Barbara and decides to work together. Batman confronts the Joker but he sends him to Phantom Zone. In Phantom Zone, there is a light brick which can talk and who is also in charge of keeping all the villains in there. Batman says that he will bring all the villains back in the Phantom Zone if she returns him to Gotham city. Lighting brick says OK. So Batman returns and defeats all the villains with his team. For all the action here which can’t be explain in words, watch the movie. The End.