Friday, July 14, 2017

The Great Wall 2016

Review of The Great Wall 2016

Basically, this movie is based on THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. But we go few centuries back when bow and arrow were used instead of guns and canons. The main star of the film is Matt Damon whose character name in the movie is William. The movie starts and we see a group of riders being attacked by the enemies. Most of the people get killed and only 2 survive. One of whom is William and his close friend. At night a mysterious creature attacks the group and William cuts of the arm of the creature and push it down the hill. He and his friend saves the arm of the creature so that they can ask someone what they just killed?

In the next morning, both of them gets chased by the enemies and they reach a giant wall. The wall is heavily guarded by the armed soldiers. They were here to look for the black powder so that they can sell it in the market. Inside the wall, there is an army residing and they have general and a commander Lin. Their wall is a secret place and no one knows about it. Whoever once step foot inside the wall, cannot leave. They decided to kill both of the prisoners. But one adviser sees the arm of the creature and asks about it. William says that he alone killed the creature and the whole army unit gets surprised.

Meanwhile, a soldier comes running and says that attack is coming. They start preparing for the attack and William and his partner witness the whole fight. An army of green creatures which kind of looks like dinosaurs attacks the wall with their queen. Fight starts and wall army starts losing the fight. William decides to fight and kills many creatures. Fighting scene was amazing by the way. You have to see it yourself. So William gets appreciated and he becomes the part of wall’s army. William carries a magnet with him and an adviser to the general asks about it. The adviser tells the short story of the creatures who are actually called Tao Tie. They attack after every 60 years. 

Now the time has come for the attack. He tells a story how they were defeated previously. He says that they were defeated by a stone which he thinks is the magnet. William suggests that we should test this and they decide to capture creature.

Next day, they capture a creature with great deal of difficulty. See the movie for action fights. A man from capital is also present at the time of testing the magnet. So it’s true that these creatures only attack at the instructions of queen which can be disrupted by using magnet. A man from capital says that he will take this to the emperor and further experimentation will be done there. So he takes off with few of the soldiers. The emperor tries to play with the creature by taking the magnet far away from it. Creature attacks the emperor and sends messages to the queen using his antennas.

Now it gets crazy, queen moves towards the capital with the whole army of creatures. The soldiers at the wall know of this and they fly towards the capital in air balloons. A fight happens at the capital and William and Lin manages to kill the queen. Fighting scenes are decent and you have to watch them for yourselves. Graphics of the creatures doesn’t seem real but like a cartoon but still good movie.

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