Saturday, July 15, 2017

Resident Evil (The Final Chapter 2016)

Review of Resident Evil (The Final Chapter 2016)

When I started watching this movie, my expectations were low. I thought that there would be zombies and Alice would be fighting them; a typical zombie movie. What makes this movie and whole franchise awesome is the story line and of course the graphics of the movie. The action in the movie is second to none. Direction is amazing and sound effects are also amazing. I enjoyed a lot watching this movie. One thing I want to share about this movie are the costumes. The costume designer did wonderful job and also credit should be given to the stylists.

Let’s move on towards the story of the movie. I will tell you a brief background story about this movie. Doctor James Marcus had a daughter who was diagnosed with incurable aging disease. After much experimentation, James developed a cure called T-Virus. He injected his daughter Alice with this and she started recovering. But soon it started showing side effects. James partner named Isaac wanted to continue this development to get rich. So he killed James and took the control of Umbrella corporation. He called a board meeting and he said that world is dying and we should not die with it. His plan is to release the T-Virus and kill everyone except few rich people. So he released the T-Virus and now world is turned into a zombie land.

Alice is one of the survivor who is fighting against Umbrella corporation. Red Queen is an artificial intelligence program based on the childhood of Alice. Red Queen sends a message to Alice that there is a cure called Air antivirus which can destroy the zombies. There is only 48hrs left until last of remaining human race will die. The anti-virus is located in the Umbrella Hive, which is the headquarter of Umbrella corporation. There is lot of action and amazing fights in the movie.

On her way to the Hive, she reaches a tall building and there are few survivors there. They take Alice as a threat and tries to kill her but her friend Karen is among those and she saves her. Alice tells them about the antivirus and says that Isaac is coming this way with the army of zombies. So they start preparing for the battle. There is a traitor among the group of people which Alice should be careful about.

A battle take place and its packed with action. See the movie to the action fights. The Isaac and zombies return in defeat and Alice and her crew starts moving forward toward the Hive. The members of the crew start to get kill as they encounter many enemies on their way. In the end Alice and her friend Karen and her boyfriend remain alive and they reach the main control room. It turns out that real Isaac is sleeping safely and his clone is fighting in the world. So real Isaac wakes up and take care of the situation. Karen’s boyfriend is the traitor and he gets killed by the Karen. There are lot of juicy twists and turns in the end of the movie. It turns out that Alice is also not real. She is a clone as well. Surprise! 

A fight occurs between Alice and Isaac and Isaac gets kill by his own clone. Alice takes the antivirus and releases it in the air. The whole army of the zombies die and she saves the day. But it will take lot of time for antivirus to spread across the whole world. Till then, she will be fighting the monsters.

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