Saturday, July 22, 2017

John Wick Chapter 2 2017

Review of John Wick Chapter 2 2017

What an amazing movie, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Usually sequels are not expected to be good but this movie is just amazing. The rules of the fraternity make this movie awesome. There are some grounds on which one member can’t kill another. The direction of the movie is good. Action is spot on and fighting style is unique. One of the plus points that makes this movie good is the action. There is lot of action and fights and its awesome. The story of the movie is also very strong. Basically, it’s kind of revenge story. I think it would be false to say that it’s a double revenge story. John Wick is the main character in the movie who is basically a hire for kill. But in this movie we see him getting retire. But due to certain reasons, he has to come back.

Let’s move on to the movie now. The movie starts and we see a car chasing a motorcycle. John Wick is in the car and somebody stole his car. There is a big drug dealer and his nephew stole a car from John. This man is a drug dealer and a money launderer. John enters the warehouse and beat many guys and finds his car. There is lot of action going on in this scene. After beating every guy, he comes to drug dealer and pour two glasses of drink. John says peace and drug dealer says enjoy the retirement.

Santino is the man who shows up at the house of John and offers him a job. John says that he is not that guy anymore. Santino has a mark on John. According to the rules of fraternity, John must do a job for Santino to be released of his mark. John says no and Santino leaves the house. John lives with his dog. In the next scene, we see Santino firing bombs to the house. John and his dog survives. Whole house gets destroyed. John goes to the boss and talks to him about it. He also says that you have to honor the marker. There is no way out. John goes to see Santino and it turns out that he wants a seat at High Table. Gianna is the sister of Santino who will get a seat at the High Table. Santino wants her sister to be dead so he can take her place at the Table. She is in Rome right now. So John goes to Rome and stays at a Continental of Rome. He finds a guy name Julian who owns the hotel. So they talk and he offers him the finest room. John gets his stuff necessary to kill Gianna from his different friends in Rome.

After all the preparation, John enters a party where Gianna is meeting different people. John gets closer to her and she asks him who sent who? He tells her the whole truth and Gianna understands and kills herself. But john also puts a bullet in her head to be sure that she is dead. In the escaping from the party, lot of action happens and it’s amazing. You have to see the movie to feel the thrill and action. Santino double crosses John and sends his men to kill him. Now john has Santino and Gianna men looking for him. But John fights his way and survives. Santino puts a 7-million-dollar bounty on Johns head. Every assassin in the world receives the word and comes after John.

John makes it to a man alive who can move people underground. John has a history with this man but I will not get into it. So he helps John in getting inside of Santino art show. He sees him and starts firing at him. Santino runs with his men and John chases him. Amazing action takes place in this part of the movie. John kills hundreds of men but Santino manages to escape to the hotel where killing is not allowed. John checks in the hotel and kills Santino anyway. Now boss has no choice but to excommunicado him. He gives John one hour to run. Everyone will be coming after him now. So he runs with his dog and movie ends.

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