Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Boss Baby 2017

Review of The Boss Baby 2017

This movie is about a baby and a 7-year-old boy. It is an animated movie. In the start of movie, we see a lovely family having great time. Timothy is the name of boy who is having time of his life with his parents. Then we see a factory called baby corporation, where babies are being produced and whole process of delivering babies to people are shown. Some babies work in the factory and some of them goes to families. The Boss Baby joins the company.
One day, The Boss Baby arrives to the Timothy house in a taxi. Timothy sees him through his window and runs towards the door. Baby is in the house. The Boss Baby wears a suit and acts as a boss but the parents of the Timothy do not find it unusual. Timothy tries to warn his parents but he gets ignored. One-night Timothy catches boss baby talking on the phone. He catches him red-handed and confronts him. But the baby takes control and manipulate Timothy emotionally. 

Next day, bunch of more babies arrives in the Timothy house and it turns out that they are having play date. Actually all the babies can talk and boss baby has invited them to talk about the mission. The Boss Baby starts the presentation and in it we find the real reason of boss baby coming to the house. So a company whose CEO is named Frances is trying to take over the places of babies and replacing them with cute dogs. The Boss Baby is here to stop his plans. There is a secret dog project which is huge and The Boss Baby job is to stop it. Timothy records the audio of The Boss Baby speaking in a cassette to expose him to his parents but fails to do so. Timothy has enough and he tries to launch The Boss Baby in the air but his parents sees him and ground him. So there is a way of knowing the Frances plan. 

Parents of Timothy work for Frances and take your kid to work day is coming soon. The Boss Baby says that he needs Timothy help to know the secret plan. So they decided to bond together and starts working as a team. So they go to the Frances office to steel the plan but fails to do so. It turns out that Frances was once a baby working in the company but got fired. So he is taking revenge on the company by introducing the Forever Puppy which will remain puppy forever. Frances convinces the parents of Timothy to go to LAS VEGAS for the launch of new puppy and leave their kids at home with a baby sitter who is actually goon of Frances. So the Timothy and The Boss Baby tries to stop them at the airport but fail. Somehow, Timothy and The Boss Baby reaches the convention center where new puppy is being launched. Timothy and The Boss Baby tries to stop the launch of puppies and succeeds. Timothy goes home and The Boss Baby returns to the factory and gets promotion. But both Timothy and The Boss Baby miss each other.

One day, Timothy writes a letter to The Boss Baby and says that he wants him back. Reading this The Boss Baby gets excited and returns to the home of Timothy in a taxi. They live happily ever after.  

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