Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Fate Of The Furious (2017)

Review of The Fate Of The Furious (2017)

This is one of the most awaited movie of the year. We have been seeing trailers of it online and going crazy. There is always something new in each of the films of this series. This movie is also full of twists and turns. There are also few surprise entries from the past in the movie. This is the 8th movie of the series. This franchise is so successful because there is always something new and beyond our imagination in each movie. 

Let’s talk about the movie now. Movie starts showing beautiful city of Havana(Cuba). There is song playing and girls dancing in the beautiful sunset. Dom’s cousin gets in trouble and a girl reaches up to Dom and tells him the situation. He rushes to the scene and finds that his cousin didn’t pay the other guy.  Dom says a deal is a deal. He says to the other guy if want a car then earn it. So he replies how? Dom says by winning a race. The guy says that you have to race in his cousin’s car which is total piece of crap. Dom agrees and race begins. After a lot of action, Dom wins the race. The guy gives his keys to Dom and says that you also earn my respect. Dom replies that I only need your respect and you can keep your car.

The next morning, Dom goes for a walk and on his way to the home a girl is having trouble starting her car. Dom decides to help her and it turns out that she knows Dom and want him to work for her. Dom says he doesn’t work for anyone. She gives him a phone and Dom sees something on the phone and his expressions change like he would have seen a ghost. The lady leaves.

On the Hobbs side, we see him giving briefing to someone like they are going on a mission. Only to find out that they are school girls getting ready for a soccer match. This scene was really funny. Mr. Nobody is a secret agency man who comes to Hobbs and starts describing him a mission. Hobbs gets angry and says we have an important match going on; we discuss it later.

Hobbs call Dom and tell him to gather the team. Next scene we see the team running in their cars stealing EMP device. But here comes a twist. Dom takes the device and runs leaving his team. He delivers the device to the Cipher, a criminal mastermind and cyber-terrorist. The team of Dom is upset and still can’t believe it. To find the Dom, Mr. Nobody includes Deckard Shaw, a rogue ‘special forces’ assassin who was imprisoned by Hobbs in the previous movie I think. Now Hobbs and Deckard Shaw has to work together to find him. They use Gods Eye; a tracking weapon but fail because signal shows multiple location. Suddenly, Dom and Cipher attacks the facility and removes the Gods Eye permanently.

The Cipher reminds Dom of why he is working for her. We see Dom’s kid and Elena Neves, a former Rio police officer in a glass prison on the airplane. So now we know the reason behind everything. Dom is now going to steel nuclear codes from Russian defense minister. But the team is also preparing to stop him. There is a lot of action which I cannot describe in words. You have to see the movie. Dom makes a quick stop to fix something in his car. He covers up all angles so no camera can see him. He meets Shaw’s mother and plans a revenge on Cipher. After that he steels the briefcase and gives it to Cipher.

There is a secret Russian military base in Vladovin on ice. Cipher wants to hack a nuclear submarine. So she sends Dom to do it. Team is also there to stop it. Two men flies using rockets to enter into the airplane of Cipher and saves the Kid. Cipher already killed the mother of child. Those two men are Shaw brothers. Now we know what meeting was about between Dom and Shaw’s mom. When Dom hears from Shaw he again joins his team and destroy the submarine. Cipher jumps from the plane and vanishes in the air. There is a lot of action in the end. See the movie to enjoy it.

In the end. Dom unites with his kid and other team members. They sit on a table and starts praying and movie ends.

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