Monday, July 24, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

 Review of The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

Just want to start by saying that this movie is just on another level. This is full action packed animated thriller comedy. The graphics are amazing and the way everything is carried out in the movie is out of this world. When we see the title of the movie, in our minds we think of it as a kid’s movie. But this is not the case here. Even an adult can enjoy this movie and have fun. As we can see from the title, this movie is based on the Batman. We see a real world of Batman and how he lives his life after saving the day. Story is interesting and I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s talk about the movie. The movie starts when we see two pilots flying an airplane loaded with full of explosives. They are passing above the Gotham city. Suddenly a helicopter lands on the top of plane and some guys breaks into the plane. Who do we find it to be? It’s the Joker! He hijacks the plane full of explosives. We also see every villain of Batman like Bane, Riddler and Twoface etc. destroying the city. There is no sign of Batman and commissioner Gordon is on the move. He is directing every cop to take a position and capture the villains. Joker wants the mayor of the city to surrender to him. So mayor reaches the Joker and decided to surrender.

But we get a surprise. Its Batman! Yeah. So Batman starts fighting all the villains and a song starts playing. I love the song. So Joker says that I am your greatest enemy. Batman replies no you are not. Basically, Joker wants attention of Batman. But Batman says he is just another villain for him, nothing special. So Joker gets angry and tries to escape. Batman has two choices: either save the city or capture the Joker. So Batman diffuses the bomb and saves the city.

Batman returns to his Bat Cave. On his way, computer asks for the password. Can you guys guess the password? Its ‘Ironman sucks’. LOL. So he returns home. We see a giant mansion with no humans except Alfred. Batman cooks his dinner and watches a movie all alone. He stares at his family photo for a while. So we find out that despite being center of attention in the city, he is actually lonely. He gets invited to a function. Barbara Gordon is becoming new commissioner of Gotham. He meets an orphan named Dick. Dick wants Bruce to adopt him. So he asks him about the characteristics for a boy Bruce wants to adopt. But Bruce is too busy looking at Barbara, he unknowingly adopts Dick.

Out of nowhere, Joker and his villains squad arrives at the ceremony. Surprise again, Joker surrenders himself and all of his buddy villains. So now there is nothing for Batman to do anymore. Batman goes home and Alfred suggests him to take care of Dick who he has adopted unknowingly. Batman says no but Alfred accidentally opens the door to Bat Cave and Dick gets in. He gets really excited seeing Batman and all the stuff. Batman wants to send Joker and all the villains to the Phantom Zone. For this he needs Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector and it is located at the Fortress of Solitude. Batman decides to steal it but he is too big for the job. So he takes Dick and reach at the location and guides him to steal it. So he returns to the prison and sends Joker to the Phantom Zone. But Barbara arrests him and Dick for his action. As Joker reaches Phantom Zone, he gathers all the villains in there and asks them to join him. Everyone agrees and Harley Quin steals the Phantom Zone from police and reverse the process.

Now it’s chaos everywhere. Every villain from Phantom Zone has come to Gotham city. They take over the city and also the mansion of Bruce. Batman joins hand with the Barbara and decides to work together. Batman confronts the Joker but he sends him to Phantom Zone. In Phantom Zone, there is a light brick which can talk and who is also in charge of keeping all the villains in there. Batman says that he will bring all the villains back in the Phantom Zone if she returns him to Gotham city. Lighting brick says OK. So Batman returns and defeats all the villains with his team. For all the action here which can’t be explain in words, watch the movie. The End.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

John Wick Chapter 2 2017

Review of John Wick Chapter 2 2017

What an amazing movie, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Usually sequels are not expected to be good but this movie is just amazing. The rules of the fraternity make this movie awesome. There are some grounds on which one member can’t kill another. The direction of the movie is good. Action is spot on and fighting style is unique. One of the plus points that makes this movie good is the action. There is lot of action and fights and its awesome. The story of the movie is also very strong. Basically, it’s kind of revenge story. I think it would be false to say that it’s a double revenge story. John Wick is the main character in the movie who is basically a hire for kill. But in this movie we see him getting retire. But due to certain reasons, he has to come back.

Let’s move on to the movie now. The movie starts and we see a car chasing a motorcycle. John Wick is in the car and somebody stole his car. There is a big drug dealer and his nephew stole a car from John. This man is a drug dealer and a money launderer. John enters the warehouse and beat many guys and finds his car. There is lot of action going on in this scene. After beating every guy, he comes to drug dealer and pour two glasses of drink. John says peace and drug dealer says enjoy the retirement.

Santino is the man who shows up at the house of John and offers him a job. John says that he is not that guy anymore. Santino has a mark on John. According to the rules of fraternity, John must do a job for Santino to be released of his mark. John says no and Santino leaves the house. John lives with his dog. In the next scene, we see Santino firing bombs to the house. John and his dog survives. Whole house gets destroyed. John goes to the boss and talks to him about it. He also says that you have to honor the marker. There is no way out. John goes to see Santino and it turns out that he wants a seat at High Table. Gianna is the sister of Santino who will get a seat at the High Table. Santino wants her sister to be dead so he can take her place at the Table. She is in Rome right now. So John goes to Rome and stays at a Continental of Rome. He finds a guy name Julian who owns the hotel. So they talk and he offers him the finest room. John gets his stuff necessary to kill Gianna from his different friends in Rome.

After all the preparation, John enters a party where Gianna is meeting different people. John gets closer to her and she asks him who sent who? He tells her the whole truth and Gianna understands and kills herself. But john also puts a bullet in her head to be sure that she is dead. In the escaping from the party, lot of action happens and it’s amazing. You have to see the movie to feel the thrill and action. Santino double crosses John and sends his men to kill him. Now john has Santino and Gianna men looking for him. But John fights his way and survives. Santino puts a 7-million-dollar bounty on Johns head. Every assassin in the world receives the word and comes after John.

John makes it to a man alive who can move people underground. John has a history with this man but I will not get into it. So he helps John in getting inside of Santino art show. He sees him and starts firing at him. Santino runs with his men and John chases him. Amazing action takes place in this part of the movie. John kills hundreds of men but Santino manages to escape to the hotel where killing is not allowed. John checks in the hotel and kills Santino anyway. Now boss has no choice but to excommunicado him. He gives John one hour to run. Everyone will be coming after him now. So he runs with his dog and movie ends.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Fate Of The Furious (2017)

Review of The Fate Of The Furious (2017)

This is one of the most awaited movie of the year. We have been seeing trailers of it online and going crazy. There is always something new in each of the films of this series. This movie is also full of twists and turns. There are also few surprise entries from the past in the movie. This is the 8th movie of the series. This franchise is so successful because there is always something new and beyond our imagination in each movie. 

Let’s talk about the movie now. Movie starts showing beautiful city of Havana(Cuba). There is song playing and girls dancing in the beautiful sunset. Dom’s cousin gets in trouble and a girl reaches up to Dom and tells him the situation. He rushes to the scene and finds that his cousin didn’t pay the other guy.  Dom says a deal is a deal. He says to the other guy if want a car then earn it. So he replies how? Dom says by winning a race. The guy says that you have to race in his cousin’s car which is total piece of crap. Dom agrees and race begins. After a lot of action, Dom wins the race. The guy gives his keys to Dom and says that you also earn my respect. Dom replies that I only need your respect and you can keep your car.

The next morning, Dom goes for a walk and on his way to the home a girl is having trouble starting her car. Dom decides to help her and it turns out that she knows Dom and want him to work for her. Dom says he doesn’t work for anyone. She gives him a phone and Dom sees something on the phone and his expressions change like he would have seen a ghost. The lady leaves.

On the Hobbs side, we see him giving briefing to someone like they are going on a mission. Only to find out that they are school girls getting ready for a soccer match. This scene was really funny. Mr. Nobody is a secret agency man who comes to Hobbs and starts describing him a mission. Hobbs gets angry and says we have an important match going on; we discuss it later.

Hobbs call Dom and tell him to gather the team. Next scene we see the team running in their cars stealing EMP device. But here comes a twist. Dom takes the device and runs leaving his team. He delivers the device to the Cipher, a criminal mastermind and cyber-terrorist. The team of Dom is upset and still can’t believe it. To find the Dom, Mr. Nobody includes Deckard Shaw, a rogue ‘special forces’ assassin who was imprisoned by Hobbs in the previous movie I think. Now Hobbs and Deckard Shaw has to work together to find him. They use Gods Eye; a tracking weapon but fail because signal shows multiple location. Suddenly, Dom and Cipher attacks the facility and removes the Gods Eye permanently.

The Cipher reminds Dom of why he is working for her. We see Dom’s kid and Elena Neves, a former Rio police officer in a glass prison on the airplane. So now we know the reason behind everything. Dom is now going to steel nuclear codes from Russian defense minister. But the team is also preparing to stop him. There is a lot of action which I cannot describe in words. You have to see the movie. Dom makes a quick stop to fix something in his car. He covers up all angles so no camera can see him. He meets Shaw’s mother and plans a revenge on Cipher. After that he steels the briefcase and gives it to Cipher.

There is a secret Russian military base in Vladovin on ice. Cipher wants to hack a nuclear submarine. So she sends Dom to do it. Team is also there to stop it. Two men flies using rockets to enter into the airplane of Cipher and saves the Kid. Cipher already killed the mother of child. Those two men are Shaw brothers. Now we know what meeting was about between Dom and Shaw’s mom. When Dom hears from Shaw he again joins his team and destroy the submarine. Cipher jumps from the plane and vanishes in the air. There is a lot of action in the end. See the movie to enjoy it.

In the end. Dom unites with his kid and other team members. They sit on a table and starts praying and movie ends.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Resident Evil (The Final Chapter 2016)

Review of Resident Evil (The Final Chapter 2016)

When I started watching this movie, my expectations were low. I thought that there would be zombies and Alice would be fighting them; a typical zombie movie. What makes this movie and whole franchise awesome is the story line and of course the graphics of the movie. The action in the movie is second to none. Direction is amazing and sound effects are also amazing. I enjoyed a lot watching this movie. One thing I want to share about this movie are the costumes. The costume designer did wonderful job and also credit should be given to the stylists.

Let’s move on towards the story of the movie. I will tell you a brief background story about this movie. Doctor James Marcus had a daughter who was diagnosed with incurable aging disease. After much experimentation, James developed a cure called T-Virus. He injected his daughter Alice with this and she started recovering. But soon it started showing side effects. James partner named Isaac wanted to continue this development to get rich. So he killed James and took the control of Umbrella corporation. He called a board meeting and he said that world is dying and we should not die with it. His plan is to release the T-Virus and kill everyone except few rich people. So he released the T-Virus and now world is turned into a zombie land.

Alice is one of the survivor who is fighting against Umbrella corporation. Red Queen is an artificial intelligence program based on the childhood of Alice. Red Queen sends a message to Alice that there is a cure called Air antivirus which can destroy the zombies. There is only 48hrs left until last of remaining human race will die. The anti-virus is located in the Umbrella Hive, which is the headquarter of Umbrella corporation. There is lot of action and amazing fights in the movie.

On her way to the Hive, she reaches a tall building and there are few survivors there. They take Alice as a threat and tries to kill her but her friend Karen is among those and she saves her. Alice tells them about the antivirus and says that Isaac is coming this way with the army of zombies. So they start preparing for the battle. There is a traitor among the group of people which Alice should be careful about.

A battle take place and its packed with action. See the movie to the action fights. The Isaac and zombies return in defeat and Alice and her crew starts moving forward toward the Hive. The members of the crew start to get kill as they encounter many enemies on their way. In the end Alice and her friend Karen and her boyfriend remain alive and they reach the main control room. It turns out that real Isaac is sleeping safely and his clone is fighting in the world. So real Isaac wakes up and take care of the situation. Karen’s boyfriend is the traitor and he gets killed by the Karen. There are lot of juicy twists and turns in the end of the movie. It turns out that Alice is also not real. She is a clone as well. Surprise! 

A fight occurs between Alice and Isaac and Isaac gets kill by his own clone. Alice takes the antivirus and releases it in the air. The whole army of the zombies die and she saves the day. But it will take lot of time for antivirus to spread across the whole world. Till then, she will be fighting the monsters.

The LEGO Batman Movie 2017

  Review of The LEGO Batman Movie 2017 Just want to start by saying that this movie is just on another level. This is full action p...