Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jack Reacher Never Go Back

Review of Jack Reacher Never Go Back

The movie begins as a policeman comes out of a sheriff’s car. There are some beaten up people laying on the ground and people are gathered around them. Sheriff asks those people what happened? A guy replies that one person who is sitting in a dinner beat them. Sheriff looks at the window and see a guy sitting on a stool. Two police officers go into the dinner and pull a gun on the man. Man turns and his face is revealed. There we see Tom Cruise. Sheriff says to his fellow officer arrest this man. He says what you have done is felony. You are going to prison for 20 years. The officers check his ID found his name. Jack Reacher. Jack says that in 90 seconds, that phone over there will ring and you will arrest the sheriff and also military police will arrive. Sheriff takes it as a joke and laughs. Suddenly phone rings and sheriff says to Jack who are you. The military police also arrive and arrest the sheriff. Sheriff was doing human trafficking.
Jack takes a lift from a truck and arrives at his home and calls major turner. They talk on the phone. Major turner thanks the Jack for helping the military. She starts talking and Jack also talks back on the phone. Major Turner and Jack never met in person. So Jack decides to visit Turner and reaches the office of Turner. When he opens the door of the office, some other officer is sitting in the seat. Jack asks about the Turner. Officer replies and says that she has been arrested. Jack says but we talk on the phone few days ago. Jack asks, on what chargers? Officer says espionage. Then after that jack leaves the office. 

Jack finds from the sergeant about the lawyer of the Turner. He is in a Fort Dyer. Jack talks to lawyer and he says that Jack cannot meet Turner. Lawyer says that you have not paid any child support to a woman name Candice. She has a daughter name Samantha who is Jacks daughter. Jack denies this and takes a photo of Samantha from the files. He then goes to drink coffee. Two men followed him to the coffee shop. Jack goes up to them and says I don’t like being followed. Take their pistol and toss it in the trashcan. Jack then starts following a girl name Samantha. Samantha confronts Jack and says I don’t like being followed. Jack gets surprised a little. He asks her about her mother. She says that I don’t live with her anymore and walks away. A man sitting in a car takes photos of Jack and his daughter.

Jack meets the lawyer and lawyer tells Jack that major Turner sent two officers in Afghanistan for investigation and got shot. Then we see lawyer being tortured by a man and eventually he gets killed. Jack is being invited to see that officer who he met instead of Turner. That officer blames Jack for the murder and sends him to prison. Jack escapes from prison with Turner. She goes to internet café and tries to access the system. Military trace the location and sends a soldier to kill them. A fight happens in restaurant kitchen. Jack and Turner escapes in the bus. Jack and Turner goes to Morgan office and copies the data from his computer. In the process of printing those files, Jack finds the pictures of Samantha. He goes to her house and rescue her.

All three of them goes to New Orleans in search of a guy. At the airport, all three of them starts running because they were chased by that same killer guy who also killed Morgan. In a bus all three of them escapes. Jack tells Samantha that she is her daughter. Samantha laughs so hard. Then all of them checks into a hotel. Jack leaves the hotel and meets Mrs. Daniel.  She gives him a photo of him. Few guys follow Jack and fight happens. Jack and Turner finds Daniel. Daniel works for Para Source (secret organization, guy who is trying to kill Turner belongs to this organization). Daniel tells that weapons were being sold to terrorist in Afghanistan. Deal went wrong and Para Source killed two officers.

Espin is officer sent by military to capture Turner. Turner calls Espin and says she has a witness who can clear her name. She was accused of selling secret to enemies. So they decide to meet up. Call was being tapped by Para Source. So Para Source goes to the location and kills the witness. From there Espin, Jack and Turner goes to the airport where weapons are being transferred. Head of the organization General James also arrives at the scene. Jack checks the boxes and found opium in the rocket launcher. So general gets arrested. However, Samantha is in trouble. Samantha is being chased by James men. Jack finds the man and fight him. Jack kills the man. Turner returns to her post. Jack finds out that Samantha is not really her daughter.

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