Friday, March 10, 2017

Max Steel

Review of Max Steel

In the beginning of the movie, we see Max sitting on the roof top of his house. His mom asks him, what are you doing up there? We see a small moving truck filled with boxes. Max and his mother is moving to their house. Then son and mother starts talking to each other. Max finds a picture of the whole family in which he is a baby. His father is also in the picture. Suddenly there is fluctuation in the electricity. Max mom says she is going to call electrician. Max is sitting close to a TV and as he moves his hand closer to screen, there is distortion occurring in the screen.

Next morning, Max leaves the house for his new school. On the way, he stops at a restricted building. Looks at it and then rides his bicycle towards the school. Max is listening to music and suddenly a truck hits him. He falls on the grass. A girl comes up to him and says meet me here after school, I will look at that bike. We see a professor teaching a class. Max comes to class. Professor asks him about his father and says that he was a good man. After school, girl picks up Max and his bike. They go to girl’s place and girl fixes his bike. Max returns home and sees a man sitting with her mom. Mom introduces Max to Miles. Miles used to work with Max’s dad. After that, we see two men playing table tennis. Something starts glowing inside a lab. Man says it has not glowed for 16 years. Then something pops up like a small robot and starts damaging the lab. Meanwhile, Max is having dinner with Miles. Miles tells Max’s mother that Max should know the truth but mother refuses. Miles leaves Max his N-TEK card and says you are welcome to visit anytime. 

Then Max goes to his laptop and searches about the accident in which his father has died. He found a video in which people are running. Suddenly his laptop stops working and his hand starts emitting some kind of waves along with blue light. He freaks out. Next morning, he goes to forest with lamp and stereo player. His hand starts messing with them and eventually catches fire. He goes to school, he is sitting closer to vending machine and lots of soda cans pops from the machine. Girl invites him to a place to eat. He says OK. He finds the place and meet the girl. Suddenly he starts feeling weird and runs from there. He goes to a forest. A big explosion occurs and next thing is, he wakes up in his bed. He finds a weird looking symbol on his chest. Suddenly a robot named Steel appears and Max freaks out. Robot says it is from space and here to protect Max. Max emits tachyon energy which robot absorbs to avoid explosion. Robot says you will be emitting this for the rest of your life so you need me. 

Guys appear from nowhere and starts shooting at Max. They run to save themselves. Max sees a memory from Steel. Ultra links are bad things that destroys everything. Max sees them in memory. Max goes to restricted area and starts discovering his abilities. His power becomes stronger and he can move really fast. He attaches himself with Steel and together they form a cool superhero shape man. On the way, they get chased by black cars. Max wants to go to N-TEK. 

Sophia meets Max on the way and they decide to go together. Max don’t feel good and run again from there. Max encounters a hurricane created by Ultra links. He fights it with Steel and defeats it. Max comes to home and sees lot of men with guns at his house. He starts running and goes to Sophia house. He takes her truck and goes to lab where his father worked. His mother tells those men to find her son. Those men tell Max’s mother that Miles has ordered to kill steel. Max goes to lab and find Steel trapped in a chamber. Max gets a flashback in which he finds out that Miles work with Ultra links and has betrayed his father. So Miles and Max fights. Miles has made suit of his own. Max defeats Miles in the end. Max goes to Sophia’s house and gives her a drawing of herself.  

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