Saturday, March 25, 2017

Moana 2016

Review of Moana 2016

As the movie starts, a person is telling a story about demigods. There was a Te Fiti who was a goddess and she made all the islands in the sea. She made island like a paradise for people to live on them. A demigod named Maui stole the stone which is actually a heart of Te Fiti. But on his way to escape, he encounters earth god. Maui fights with his powerful hook but got stroke down into the sea. He and his hook got lost and also the stone. Grandmother is telling this to little children as we can see in the movie. As the stone is removed from its place, many islands are now losing fish and food. Then there is a little girl who is granddaughter of the person telling the story. She is also the daughter of chief of the island. Her name is Moana. She is always walking toward the sea but her father forbids her. As she is toddler, she goes to sea and sea starts playing with her. Accidentally, she actually finds the green stone which is the heart of Te Fiti. But her father takes her back to village and stone gets lost again.

A song starts and she gets bigger and bigger. She tries to sail away from the island but her father catches her every time. Moana grows up to be woman at the end of song. She would take the place of her father and lead the people of her island. This can be done by putting a stone on a stack of stones as her father did. But her heart is in the sea. One day, people come to the chief and tell him that there is no more fish in the water. And also coconuts are diseased. Moana says that we should look for fish beyond the reef. But her father refuses. So one day, she takes a boat and goes beyond the reef in search of fish. She gets strike by waves and her boat gets destroyed.

On the shore, her grandma comes up to her and shows her green stone. Same stone she held in her hand when she was toddler. She gets surprised. Her grandma tells her about the cave in which there are many ships. Moana finds out that her people were voyagers. She goes to her dad who is sitting in a meeting tell him all about what she has learned. Her father gets upset and goes to burn the ships. Moana grandma gets sick and she gives her neckless along with stone to Moana and ask her to find Maui. Moana left her village and set sail to find Maui. On the way, she gets knock off by a storm and lands on a small island. She finds Maui there. Maui tells her that he stole the stone for humans, so that humans can be in control of power. Maui has no interest in returning the stone. So he cunningly traps Moana in a cave and escapes in her boat. Moana escapes from a hole and sea helps her get to the boat. 

In the ocean, they encounter coconut pirates. They want the stone. Maui and Moana escapes them. Without the hook, Maui has no powers. So they go to the island where Maui’s hook has been captured by a giant crab. Moana distracts the crab and Maui takes his hook back. They set sail for Te Fiti. When they reach Te Fiti, there comes an Earth lava monster who stops them from entering the island. Maui’s hook gets crack and refuses to help Moana. He flies away changing into eagle. Moana decides to return stone by herself. She makes it to Te Fiti but she is gone. Moana then realizes that monster is actually Te Fiti. So she put the stone back and monster turns back to Te Fiti. Everything gets restored. Lots of greenery everywhere. Moana returns home. The whole village starts sailing again.

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